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What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate covered strawberries, long-stemmed roses, an amazing date with that special someone- what’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?

I absolutely love the extra bit of romance in the air this time of year and with so many amazing restaurants, events and destinations in town, there is truly something everyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking for something memorable to do this year and really want to impress your date, my awesome colleagues at FresYes have you covered with the top events around town. Check out their post and let me know which one you plan on attending or if you have something even more special planned.

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Brett + Kim

I met Brett and Kim through some of my absolute favorite past clients Scott & Amanda .  Brett and Kim had just started their family and had the most precious little girl named Ruby.  They lived in a gorgeous home (pics here!) that they had updated to perfection.  Kim puts Joanna Gaines to shame– their home looked like something straight out of a Better Homes & Garden Magazine.  The only thing their house was missing was a large lot.  Brett owns a thriving wood and iron-working company and the ability to own a home where he could have a shop on his property would mean more time with his family.  It was alluring enough that they gave me a call to discuss how they could make the transition happen.

The first time I met with the Thompson’s I knew that I would love working with them.  They are kind, hard-working people and I was so excited to represent them as their Realtor.  The very first home we looked at they loved and made an offer on (this is a total rarity).   The home was on 2 acres, with a large pool, entertaining area, and plenty of room for Brett’s shop!  We made an offer contingent upon the sale of their home, which was not yet on the market.   After some negotiation, we were in escrow for under list price but had a tight deadline to get their home into escrow.  We quickly listedtheir home for sale and received multiple offers just in the nick of time!  It was amazing how everything aligned and we knew it was God’s Hand at work.  30 days later we closed both escrows and the Thompson’s made their move to the country!

I am so happy to watch the Thompson’s next chapter unfold.  Below are some pictures that Brett recently sent me of the construction on the back acre of the property.  I can not wait to see how they transform their new house into a home!  Cheers to you Thompson’s– the best is yet to come!


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I’ve known Justin since high school.  He is an old friend and some of my favorite memories with friends include him. I was so excited when I received a text from him at the end of November last year asking about the home-buying process. He was thinking about waiting until this coming summer to start his search, but after he met with my lender and got prequalified he realized the time was now to buy his first home!

We started scouring his target neighborhoods and it wasn’t long until we found a total gem of a home in the heart of Clovis. This home sat on a large corner lot, has a fully-remodeled kitchen, and was basically screaming Justin’s name. We made an offer and moved swiftly into escrow. Just a short month later, Justin signed on the dotted line (many times!) to buy his first home. I met him on closing day and was so proud to hand him the keys to the biggest purchase he’s ever made! Congratulations Justin, I am so excited for your new chapter!

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On 2018

2018– what a year. This year is one that has shaped me both professionally and personally.

In my professional life, I grew my business, moved to my dream office, traveled to conferences to increase my knowledge, refused to let the word no stop me, and worked hard to make the door wider for families to buy homes. Shoutout to my amazing career coaches Scott Gibson and Jason Farris who pushed me and believed in me even when I was mid-breakdown😉 Also big thank you to my accountability partner Shant Janesian for keeping me in line and expecting more out of me DAILY. Love you all.

In my personal life, I dug deep to do some hard work on myself. I found profound meaning in my relationship with Christ and started living in the light of “for such a time is this”. I discovered the enneagram (hello rabbit hole!) and shone light into my constant need to be busy and my tendency to finding my worth in what I can accomplish. Still a work in progress over here, but Christ is doing a redemptive work in me and through me to help others do the same.

I would be amiss to not mention saying goodbye to RIDE54 and the passion project I threw myself into with my whole heart. Through the loss of such an important part of my life, I learned how what seems to be a lack in my life can open the door to God’s limitless supply.

As I look to 2019, I am so excited for what’s to come. Some exciting things are in the works– but for now I’d like to leave you with a simple thank you for being a part of my journey and trusting #themackadvantage. Cheers!

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Introducing 1215 W. San Madele

Look no further for the home you have been dreaming of in the heart of Old Fig.

The Stats: 3 bedrooms2 bathrooms2,498 square feetoversized corner lot.

The Center of Attention: a magazine-worthy kitchen with custom cabinetry, quartz countertops, massive island with leather-finish granite, subway tile backsplash, two stainless steel dishwashers, oversized beverage station, and much more.


The Best Part: Priced at $459,950.

Click here to learn more.


On Terry’s House, Giving Back & The Holiday Crazies

Is it just me or does everyone go crazy this time of year?  The Christmas Frenzy is in full effect:  packed shopping malls, dozens of holiday parties you’ve already RSVP’ed for, and a to-do list that is a mile long.  I even noticed that no one yields at yellow lights anymore?  Surely, no time for that.

This year I have been committing to be more intentional with this Christmas season and not get caught up in the craziness only to wake up December 26th with a feeling that I missed something.  No more over-committing to every party invite sent my way, no more spending my weekends fighting the crowds at the mall, no more slaving away wrapping every gift to perfection– NO MORE.   I committed this year to trade in the craziness for some peace.   Anyone want to join me?  There is still time… 😉

One of the most amazing benefits from cutting all the craziness this holiday season is how much time it opens up to do what I feel called to. One of those things is serving others.  This past weekend, I got to do just that with some pretty awesome people serving Terry’s House.

If you have been around my blog for any amount of time, you know my heart for Terry’s House and the work they do for the loved ones of critical care patients at Fresno Community Hospital.  I can’t help but think the holidays are an even harder time to be a resident at Terry’s House with the happiness of the Christmas season in such stark contrast to the reality they are living in.  For our give back project this month, we decided to have a Pajama Decorating Party.  We all donned our favorite PJ’s, busted out the Holiday Spotify Playlist, and got to work decking the halls of the place 20 families are currently calling home.

Spending an evening losing myself in the service of others was time well spent.  I left Terry’s House on Friday night feeling so full, so grateful, and so joyful knowing that I could bring just a little bit of the hope of Christmas to those in crisis.  This is what being in community with others is all about—rallying around hurting people, speaking truth into their life, and reminding them they are not alone in the fight.

 I appeared in a small segment for MedWatch on Ksee24 to talk more about the mission of Terry’s House and how you can get involved in the amazing work they do 365 days a year.   Click Here to Watch.

I hope this Christmas season you can disconnect from the crazy, and reconnect with what truly matters.

XO Mack