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As if my job is not special enough, it is always extra exciting to help someone that you have known for years.  I’ve known Gabby for over a decade (woah!) and when she reached out to me to find a new home I was so excited to help guide her through this process. I have helped Gabby buy and sell real estate before, but this transaction was extra special because it is the start of a new chapter in her life.

Right after Gabby initially told me she wanted to start her search, she sent me an adorable European-style home in North Fresno.  We went that evening to look at it and she fell in love.  It was THE ONE.  We had an offer submitted by the end of the evening and then the wait began.  The dreaded wait.  This home was a bank-owned property (known as an REO) and the competition was fierce.  With over 10 offers, we wrote a very strong offer right out of the gate.  It took over a week to get a reply from the bank, but long behold… Gabby’s offer won the bidding contest!

We moved swiftly into escrow and Gabby got to work starting to design her new space.  One of my favorite parts of my job, although it seems insignificant, is to see my clients start to plan out what life will look like in their new home.  Measuring for furniture, picking out the perfect shade of paint, and masterminding a game-plan for moving day fills me with so much joy for my clients and this new chapter they are about to embark on.

About 30 days later, we closed on Gabby’s new home ON HER BIRTHDAY!  I got to hand her keys and watch her unlock her front door for the first time and I couldn’t help but pinch myself that I get to do this job for a living.  What a blessing.

Cheers to you Gabby!  May your new home be a safe place filled with all the love, laughter, and joy that your heart can handle.



On Kids Day

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

Kids Day 2019– a heartwarming tradition.

I feel so overwhelmed with gratitude that I was able to volunteer this morning selling a special Kids Day Edition of The Fresno Bee benefitting Valley Children’s Hospital. My FresYes team & I woke up this morning at 5am ready to hit the street corner to help raise money and make a difference for the patients and families of VCH– and we hit our goal!

It’s days like today that I am reminded of the amazing community that I am a part of. We had multiple people not only buy a Kids Day paper but go above and beyond by giving a large donation.  I can’t even count how many people would pull over and smile and hand over a $20 bill and say “I don’t need change. Have a great day!” This morning was a great reminder for me that kindness is contagious and a little bit can go a very long way.

This heartwarming tradition continues to change lives for so many children. I look forward to volunteering again next year!

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Heirloom Eats Blogger Review

Guest Blog by Hayli Hudgins

If you haven’t already.. Heirloom Eats is a must! I have a deep passion for healthy, nutritious foods that are mouth watering. When I heard about this new restaurant opening on Fresno and Friant in North Fresno, you could say I was just a little excited. Heirloom Eats is all about “slow food” fast. Thank you, Heirloom Eats for making eating healthy oh so easy.

 I walked into Heirloom Eats just days after their grand opening and despite wanting to order the entire menu, decided on a Pear Chicken Salad. I was very pleased with the welcoming feeling as I walked through the doors and the outstanding service. You definitely get your moneys worth because they do not hold back on portion sizes. Another reason I love this place!

The environment of Heirloom Eats was so bright and inviting that I was back for more a few days later. As you wait in line there is a wall covered in fresh ingredients and herbs that they actually use in their dishes. It’s refreshing for a restaurant to use local fresh produce. This time around, I ordered a mushroom mozzarella flat bread. Again, so tasty and satisfying!

10/10 recommend to add Heirloom to your list.  If you’re looking to change up your go-to lunch spot or a dinner night out Heirloom Eats will be your new favorite!


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What’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate covered strawberries, long-stemmed roses, an amazing date with that special someone- what’s not to love about Valentine’s Day?

I absolutely love the extra bit of romance in the air this time of year and with so many amazing restaurants, events and destinations in town, there is truly something everyone will enjoy.

If you’re looking for something memorable to do this year and really want to impress your date, my awesome colleagues at FresYes have you covered with the top events around town. Check out their post and let me know which one you plan on attending or if you have something even more special planned.

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Brett + Kim

I met Brett and Kim through some of my absolute favorite past clients Scott & Amanda .  Brett and Kim had just started their family and had the most precious little girl named Ruby.  They lived in a gorgeous home (pics here!) that they had updated to perfection.  Kim puts Joanna Gaines to shame– their home looked like something straight out of a Better Homes & Garden Magazine.  The only thing their house was missing was a large lot.  Brett owns a thriving wood and iron-working company and the ability to own a home where he could have a shop on his property would mean more time with his family.  It was alluring enough that they gave me a call to discuss how they could make the transition happen.

The first time I met with the Thompson’s I knew that I would love working with them.  They are kind, hard-working people and I was so excited to represent them as their Realtor.  The very first home we looked at they loved and made an offer on (this is a total rarity).   The home was on 2 acres, with a large pool, entertaining area, and plenty of room for Brett’s shop!  We made an offer contingent upon the sale of their home, which was not yet on the market.   After some negotiation, we were in escrow for under list price but had a tight deadline to get their home into escrow.  We quickly listedtheir home for sale and received multiple offers just in the nick of time!  It was amazing how everything aligned and we knew it was God’s Hand at work.  30 days later we closed both escrows and the Thompson’s made their move to the country!

I am so happy to watch the Thompson’s next chapter unfold.  Below are some pictures that Brett recently sent me of the construction on the back acre of the property.  I can not wait to see how they transform their new house into a home!  Cheers to you Thompson’s– the best is yet to come!


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I’ve known Justin since high school.  He is an old friend and some of my favorite memories with friends include him. I was so excited when I received a text from him at the end of November last year asking about the home-buying process. He was thinking about waiting until this coming summer to start his search, but after he met with my lender and got prequalified he realized the time was now to buy his first home!

We started scouring his target neighborhoods and it wasn’t long until we found a total gem of a home in the heart of Clovis. This home sat on a large corner lot, has a fully-remodeled kitchen, and was basically screaming Justin’s name. We made an offer and moved swiftly into escrow. Just a short month later, Justin signed on the dotted line (many times!) to buy his first home. I met him on closing day and was so proud to hand him the keys to the biggest purchase he’s ever made! Congratulations Justin, I am so excited for your new chapter!